OMSI Science Pub Eugene: Cat Behavior(CANCELLED)

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020



$5 Suggested Donation

This Event is All Ages

The Science of Cat Social Lives: Improving Cat-Human Relationships 

With Kristyn Vitale, PhD, Instructor and Researcher in the Human-Animal Interaction Lab at Oregon State University 

Doors open @ 5PM

Millions of humans worldwide share their homes with cats. Despite the popularity of companion cats in our homes, relatively little scientific research has been conducted on cat behavior or the human-cat relationship. The lack of research in this field may in part stem from common stereotypes that cats are unsocial or untrainable. Yet, the science that does exist indicates cats have rich and complex social lives with both other cats and humans.

In this talk, Dr. Kristyn Vitale of the Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab will discuss the current science behind cat social cognition. She will explore the behavior of outdoor cats living socially in colonies as well as the socio-cognitive abilities of pet cats including their ability to respond to human behavior or bond with their owners. She will also describe how to improve communication with your cat through training and enrichment opportunities that allow cats to engage in natural behaviors.

Kristyn Vitale, PhD, is a specialist in cat behavior and training who has worked with cats for the past 15 years. She completed a Master’s in Environmental Science at Miami University (Ohio) where she studied the social behavior of colony cats living on a farm. She received her PhD in Animal Science from Oregon State University where she examined cat social cognition and the influence of kitten training and socialization classes on the cat-human bond. She also served as a Visiting Research Fellow at Kyoto University in Japan where she conducted cross-cultural research into the cat-human relationship. Her research has been internationally featured in media outlets such as National Geographic, Science Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Scientific American, The Times of London, and DER SPIEGEL. You can follow more of Kristyn’s work on Instagram: @maueyes

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