Beat Crunchers vs. Wellington Drive

Friday, November 29, 2019
Bc& wellington drive copy

Friday, November 29, 2019




This Event is All Ages

Originally created as a side project in 2008, The BeatCrunchers quickly grew in scope to start carving their own niche in the NW music scene. Borrowing members from bands such as Macaco Velho, Samba Ja, Kef, and the Klezmonauts, the group draws from a variety of genres and sensibilities to form a fresh and distinct sound.

The Beat Crunchers are fresh, funky, and live. They get the booty shaking and keep it shaking with their mighty Brazilian percussion and exuberant horns. The Beat Crunchers take you on a breathless tour of the world’s best dance parties, Afropop to Balkan to Cumbia. This is a band that turns everything it touches to a divine rug-cutting boogie-down, be it a childhood cartoon theme song or a funked-up Rachmaninov prelude. The Beat Crunchers resist boxes, and enable you lovely dancers to do the same.

Ken Sokolov – drum kit, vocals
Matt Noble – bass, vocals
Matt Pilcher – Percussion, vinyl, vocals
Markus Johnson – Surdo, cuica, dub effects
Ashley Wright – Tenor saxophone, keyboard, vocals
Ryan Chaney — trombone
Alex Lowe – trumpet
Cody Simpson – trumpet