1/24 Whoop Whirled Championships

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
WhoopWhirled Season 2 Champs poster

Wednesday, January 24, 2024


This Event is All Ages

Tiny Whoop Whirled Championships 2024
Pilot capacity will be12(3 heats of 4)
Pilot Fees will be $20 In cash day of event.

Invite your friends and families, we had a good spectator turn out so far this season. Watch live pilot feed of your favorite pilot zooming through the track as well as live timing results on the Big Screen.

A big thank you to our sponsor ViFly, TinyWhoop, Black Cat design Co. and Aerial Outlaws for their support this year.
Also we are going to offer the option to fly the UWL spec an exciting spec class that puts all quads on a very equal footing with lots of LEDs for tight close fun to watch racing.
5:30pm track set up starts
6:30pm Flying starts
9:30pm flying ends tear down begins
9:55pm the venue is returned to how we found it and all gear is out.
We will have a portion of the seating area and the stage as flying space and there will be a portion of the venue reserved for dining patrons. So PLEASE only sign up if you know you can make it and if for some reason you can not make it please give me as much lead time as possible to fill the vacancy.
By participating in the event you recognize and agree to the following rules.
1. All quads must be 65mm motor to motor 1s ducted and capable of 25mw vtx out put(we also highly encourage adding additional LEDs to increase visablity for spectators and race announcers) or meet the UWL spec standards https://www.undergroundwhoopleague.com/spec
2. All pilots are solely responsible for any injury or damage that their whoop may cause.
3. Agree to only fly in the designated flight area
4. NO Soldering in the venue
5. Will follow any and all requests made by venue staff
Please understand we may have to make some compromises to fly as guest in other peoples spaces but i don’t believe this will effect our ability to have an enjoyable fly session and a lot of fun with more events in the future.
I would like to continue using this opportunity to grow our local whoop culture and provide our FPV community with some warm fun indoor flying during winter months as well as an opportunity for community out reach. Being invited back and having a good recommendation for future events will be our primary goal as pilots attending this event.
I’m Feeling the momentum and this is gonna be a fun event, cant wait to Whoop it up with everyone for another year.