Venue Information

Whirled Pies

Whirled Pies is an event venue and community space. We host a wide variety of events including concerts with your favorite performing artists, dances, private parties, company gatherings, movie screenings, fundraisers and community gatherings. Contact today to book your event.


Technical Specifications


 3-way FOH system :

600 Watts – Highs

1200 Watts – Mids

2400 Watts – Subs

3x Yorkville Audiopro 3000 amps

8x EVX180 Sub Woofers (4 per side)

EV DL15x Mid Drivers

JBL 2445 Horn Drivers

JBL 2380A 90 x 40 Bi-Radial Horns

Presonus StudioLive 16:4:2 Digital mixing console

5x QSC K-series powered monitors

Shure sm58s & sm57s

15x assorted mic stands (booms, shorts, mediums, straights)

5x DI boxes

XLR cables


8x Chauvet Par64 LED
2x Chauvet Spot LED 350
3x Traditional Par Fixtures
1x Fogger